Frequently Asked Questions

Fine Payment

The service is available throughout the day, except for the following times: 9:55 PM to 10:20 PM daily, except Sundays; and from 6:55 AM to 12:05 PM on Sunday.

Should you believe that the requirements of the Internet Sales Contract Regulation have not been followed for this service, a transaction can be cancelled in different ways:

  • within the service by hitting the "Back" button on your browser;
  • during the payment process, by clicking on the "delete" button; and
  • once the fine payment transaction is completed and paid for, visit the courthouse noted on the ticket. Bring with you the original ticket and your receipt from the Online Fine Payment service. If the courthouse reverses the payment, the fine will be reinstated.

The site cannot process Part 2 violation tickets (pink tickets) requiring courthouse appearances. You must attend the courthouse noted on the ticket.

In the event of an overpayment, contact the courthouse location that is noted on the ticket for an adjustment.

Yes, if the ticket has gone to Alberta Justice for payment (and a yellow ticket has been issued), we will accept payment.

You will need to contact your credit card company in order to obtain a "charge back" for your double payment. In this way, for your protection, it is ensured that the correct credit card receives the reimbursement. Your credit card company may have a 30 day waiting period for reimbursements.

Contact the courthouse that issued your ticket. Their contact information can be found in the list of Provincial Court locations & sittings.

Yes. When you are paying for your fine online, please complete the email address field and a copy of your receipt will be sent to you.

If the system is not accepting your payment, please contact your credit card company for details.

Please contact the courthouse that issued your ticket to have the payment transferred to the correct ticket number.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.

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Vehicle Registration Renewal

The service is available throughout the day, except for the following times: 9:55 PM to 10:20 PM daily, except Sundays; and from 6:55 AM to 12:05 PM on Sunday.

Should you believe that the requirements of the Internet Sales Contract Regulation have not been followed for this service, a transaction can be cancelled in different ways:

  • within the service by hitting the "Back" button on your browser;
  • during the payment process, by clicking on the "delete" button; and
  • once a vehicle renewal transaction is completed and paid for, a "vehicle cancellation" can be performed by visiting any Registry Agent and requesting a refund.

If you attempt to use the online renewal feature and receive the following message: "Your transaction could not be completed, please contact a Registry Office", this means that your renewal did not meet the conditions for an internet transaction. To have your transaction processed you must personally visit a Registry Agent.

If you attempt to renew any of the following vehicle types or meet any of the indicated conditions, you may have your request rejected:

  • Commercial vehicles.
  • Off-highway vehicles.
  • Renewal notices that display out of date information, such as an old address or incorrect information.
  • Any licence plates where the expiry date is more that 2 months prior to today's date.
  • Any changes to ownership and/or lease information.
  • Any outstanding fines.
  • Maintenance enforcement restrictions.
  • Outstanding motor vehicle debt.

We cannot update or change your personal information included in your vehicle registration renewal. If you wish to update or change this information, please visit your local Registry Agent.

If you renewed your registration more than 10 days prior to expiry and have still not received your validation tabs, you have 30 days to request replacement tabs at no charge from a Registry Agent.

If you are 10 days or less away from your expiry date, you should renew your registration in person to avoid being charged for replacement validation stickers if they do not arrive in the mail prior to expiry.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.

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Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates

To prove your identity for your application for a birth, marriage, or death certificate, you must take the Statutory Declaration, along with your photo ID, to a Notary or Commissioner of Oaths. The Statutory Declaration must be filled out correctly and notarized in order to be accepted. Ensure that the Notary or Commissioner of Oaths who notarizes your Statutory Declaration includes their signature, printed name, stamp or seal (if they have one), and the expiry date of their commission. Any changes made to your Statutory Declaration (crossed or whited out information, or information added later in a different colour pen) must be initialled by the Notary or Commissioner of Oaths who notarized your form. You would then send the completed Statutory Declaration (instead of a copy of your ID), along with your application form and payment information.

The choice is up to the applicant, and Registry Connect staff members are not authorized to make that decision for you. If you require the certificate for an official purpose, please consult with the authorities you are dealing with to determine which document would best suit your needs.

Registry Connect cannot process applications from clients who are in the province of Alberta. In order for Registry Connect to be able to process an application, the client's address must be a non-Alberta address. Certificates can be delivered to an Alberta address if that is required (clients must provide a cover letter explaining this, along with the complete delivery address). For clients who do not have a non-Alberta address, you must apply in person at an Alberta Registry Agent.

No, Registry Connect cannot process legal name changes. To change your name, you must apply to the Vital Statistics office in the province or country where you are currently living.

No, to make any changes to an Alberta birth record, you must contact Alberta Vital Statistics directly, at 780-427-7013.

Applicants who do not have valid ID to take to a Notary or Commission of Oaths can have a Designated Agent apply on their behalf. To authorize a Designated Agent, you must fill out the "Applicant's Consent to Designated Agent" form at the bottom of the Statutory Declaration, and then have the Designated Agent take their own ID to the Notary or Commissioner of Oaths to fill in the Statutory Declaration. The Designated Agent becomes the Applicant on the top of the form (page 6). Please note that a Designated Agent must have known the person they are assisting for at least one year.

Legal name changes and legal adoptions result in permanent changes to your original birth record. Please fill out the Applicant and Birth sections of the form with your new legal information. Also, if possible, please notify Registry Connect if you have had a legal name change or if you were adopted, and provide the date and place the name change/adoption took place.

Once a legal adoption has occurred, the birth record of the child is permanently changed. It is no longer possible to receive a birth certificate or photocopy of birth registration from Alberta Vital Statistics with your original birth information. Clients wishing to access original pre-adoption information can contact the Post Adoption Registry (780-427-6387).

No, Alberta Vital Statistics does not have a registry of divorces. To obtain your record of divorce, please contact the lawyer you worked with at the time of the divorce, or the courthouse in the city or town in which the divorce was granted. If you are unsure of where in Canada the divorce took place, please contact the Central Divorce Registry, at 613-957-4519.

If you do not have legal guardianship of a child, you are not considered eligible to apply for that child's document. If the child's parent or legal guardian is available, they should apply (proof of guardianship must be provided if the applicant is the child's legal guardian), or authorize a Designated Agent to apply on their behalf (this can be you, if you've known the applicant for at least one year). If there is no legal guardian, you may apply for the document if you provide a copy of a court order, authorizing you to make the application. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact Alberta Vital Statistics at 780-427-7013.

In order to apply for a document on behalf of an eligible applicant, a lawyer must provide a completed, notarized Statutory Declaration for proof of the lawyer's personal identity, and a copy of the lawyer's Law Society card. As well, the lawyer must state who they are representing (by name) in the "State Your Relationship to the Person Named on the Certificate" box on the application.

Generally, as long as you provide the year the birth, marriage or death took place, or a number of years you would like searched for the event, we can process the application. Please be advised that every three years searched (or portion thereof) costs $39.64.

Regular processing time for certificate requests is approximately 1-3 business days in our office, plus the time it takes for the mail to get to you. We do offer rush services, which can cut down processing and delivery times. Please see the payment page of the application for the list of our rush services and associated costs. Please be advised: due to mechanical delays, weather issues or other delivery delays beyond our control, Registry Connect can never guarantee the processing or delivery time.

Applications processed using Silver service are prioritized ahead of the regular applications, and clients are contacted immediately by phone or email if there are questions or concerns with the application. Also, if there are discrepancies between what is on the application and what is on the original record, Silver service clients are immediately contacted by phone to begin to resolve these questions, instead of having to wait significantly longer for a letter from Alberta Vital Statistics.

For Bronze and Silver service clients, certificates are mailed out by regular mail. There is no way to track the shipment once it has left our office. A more secure delivery method is our Gold service. Gold service certificates are sent by courier, and are trackable.

Applications with no spaces left blank are processed much faster, and Registry Connect reserves the right to refuse and return incomplete applications. However, if you are unable to provide one or two pieces of information, we may be able to submit your request to be processed at the discretion of Vital Statistics. For any information you cannot provide, please provide a detailed written explanation why.

Registry Connect can accept payment by cheque or money order, VISA or Mastercard. We do not accept VISA Debit or American Express. All fees are payable up front - there are no COD deliveries for certificates.

Yes. In the Applicant section at the top of the application form (page 6), the Designated Agent would provide their name, signature, address and phone number. The Birth section of the form would still contain the information of the person whose certificate is being requested.

In certain cases, caseworkers (such as social workers or corrections caseworkers) can apply as a Designated Agent for a client, even if they have not known the client for at least one year. This exception requires permission from Alberta Vital Statistics, in the form of a letter to be sent with the application. If you think this exception applies to your situation, please have the caseworker contact Alberta Vital Statistics directly (780-427-7013) for assistance.

If the Corrections ID has a photo of you, an expiry date (that has not expired), and an ID number, it should be acceptable ID for the Statutory Declaration.

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